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Traffic Genesis Review

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Traffic Genesis is the currently the newest and most popular internet marketing course online. The course is by successful internet marketers Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. Andy and Mike have been around for quite some time now establishing a solid reputation as some of the best internet marketers in the business. Through their latest internet marketing course Traffic Genesis, they reveal the secrets behind their success.

Traffic Genesis works by allowing members to create targeted traffic from Facebook to specific websites using paid ads. You may already be asking yourself if that’s all. Well not really. The course teaches you how to do this at an unbelievably low cost. Traffic Genesis is not therefore your typical everyday pay-for-each-click-system. It is a proven system capable of generating traffic as well as sales using very powerful but cost effective advertising campaigns.

Facebook ads are very effective in getting traffic to websites simply because Facebook is the most popular social media website today. According to the latest statistics, Facebook has over 700 million active users daily. The potential of Facebook ads can’t therefore be ignored by marketers serious about getting serious traffic (Traffic and Leads Training Academy). The problem lies in the fact that most people don’t know how to use Facebook ads effectively. Through Traffic Genesis, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime tell the world how to achieve the best target audience while spending the lease amount of money on Facebook ads.

What is in the course?

Traffic Genesis

First and foremost, It is important to note that traffic genesis doesn’t contain fluff like most similar marketing courses online. The course is straight to the point. The course also teaches you what works and effective implementation strategies. In a nutshell, Traffic Genesis shows you how to offer your products/services to millions of Facebook users who would be interested.

The course’s concepts are covered in videos which cover the following areas:

  • Foundation- this is the first step for any business to prosper. Here you will learn how to define your purpose, goals, lead magnets, landing pages, branding and metrics. These entails which goals to set for maximum results, creating landing pages that certainly convert for facebook ads, building the ultimate magnet to attract massive number of clients and how to track the numbers that matter for customer satisfaction.
  • Market research- this helps to know exactly what your competitors are doing. Skipping this can prove fatal for your business since it separates successful businesses from flaunting ones. In this course you get to discover how to get insider knowledge about your competitor which gives you a head start. You also learn how to find out what your competitors are doing and select the right audience for your ad.
  • Facebook ads- this course helps streamline your process of creating your Facebook ad and at the same time avoiding being banned for not adhering to the rules. In this particular module, you learn the simple Facebook advertising rules that get many banned, how to set up different types of Facebook ads, how to create ads that get maximum response from the target audience and finally which ad display medium converts best with your audience.
  • Advanced strategies- this will teach you how to set up re-targeting so your ad is directed to people who already know and are interested in your product/service, control flow of traffic with selected target and crack the code to custom and similar audiences so as to keep the traffic coming to your offers.
  • Tracking success- keeping track of your metrics is the only sure way to correct any negativity and create an even better business to your clients’ satisfaction. In this module, you learn how to set up Facebook and Google analytics so as to see all your metrics, to track success by correcting analytics and the tools and software to track your marketing campaign.
  • Getting assistance- here you will find out how you can get help from Facebook when you need it the most. In this module you will learn how to get Facebook to help you when your ads do not get approved, billing and account set up as well as Facebook for business.
  • Re-targeting out of Facebook- this is meant to help you know how to place your ad on bigger websites with more traffic than Facebook like CNN.

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Go to guides, blueprints, and cheat sheets included in Traffic Genesis:

• Revealed: The blueprint to successful ads

• ROI spreadsheet (instantly calculate what you can afford to spend on ads)

• Quick guide to the exact specs for Facebook ad creatives (never get lost on what type of creatives you’re allowed to use on Facebook)

• How to activate Partner Categories to target audiences using 3rd party data which lets you be even more granular with your advertising

• Guide to using Ad Manager Reports to learn what’s really working for your business

• The specific guides that breakdowns the exact processes to build winning ads

• How to set up campaign goals

• Guide to using the Power Editor

• How to use Custom Audiences

• Facebook Ads Product Guide

Traffic Genesis Bonus

• Tip and tricks that reduce the amount of times your ads gets disapproved.

• An over the shoulder look at an expert marketing campaign

• Bonus mini course on Twitter ads

traffic genesis review

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